Episode #126

On this week's Podcast, we talk about the Amityville Horror Murders, the Kludde, and the Toynbee Tiles.



Amityville hoax - https://oxygen.tv/2IJL32g

Bustle amityville story - http://bit.ly/2q8T7mJ

Defeo Biography - http://bit.ly/2B7JmYr

Defeo Jr. Wiki - http://bit.ly/2Mc0uCB

Myth of the Kludde - http://bit.ly/2P3Gl3u

31 creatures in folklore - http://bit.ly/2W3JstB

Kludde - Dutch lore - http://bit.ly/2pxbUrD

Kludde - Book of creatures - http://bit.ly/2VYDnhX

Damn Interesting: The Mysterious Toynbee Tiles - http://bit.ly/31oVpuV

Atlas Obscura: The Tantalizing Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles - http://bit.ly/2nX8TAn

Wired: Toynbee Tiles: A Mysterious Puzzle that Spans the Globe - http://bit.ly/2MX1VUs

Wikipedia: Toynbee Tiles - http://bit.ly/2P2hc9g


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