Episode #128

On this week's Podcast, we talk about Axlar-Bjorn, the Witching Hour, and High Voltage Syndrome.



Axlar-Björn, The only Icelandic serial killer, terrorized travellers on Snæfellsnes peninsula - http://bit.ly/2N30bKE
Iceland's Only Serial Killer - the Bloody Story of the Homicidal Axlar-Björn - http://bit.ly/2JCUzVx
Axlar-Björn: The Only Serial Killer of Iceland - http://bit.ly/2WxMXIQ
Wiki: Axlar-Bjorn - http://bit.ly/2NxUuDF
The strange mystery of Jacqueline Priestman – Strange Unexplained Mysteries - http://bit.ly/33cH9Hl
The Shocking Story of England’s Electric Woman – Micah Hanks Reports — JimHarold.com - http://bit.ly/2NwQi76
10 More Little-Known Weird Mysteries - Listverse - http://bit.ly/2JMqz9F
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