Episode #139

On this week's Podcast, we talk about Mary Stannard, Shin-Au-Av, and the toxic lady, Gloria Ramirez.



Shin-Au-Av – Secret Ancient Underground City Hidden Beneath Death Valley: http://bit.ly/2SWsXzD

The Hidden City of Death Valley: http://bit.ly/2STyhDH

Does Death Valley Conceal an Ancient Subterranean City?: http://bit.ly/2SVUl0s

allthatsinteresting.com/gloria-ramirez: http://bit.ly/2SUcko4

Gloria Ramirez: The Toxic Lady: http://bit.ly/2VlEDgW

The Toxic Lady Who Infected 23 ER Staff Members: http://bit.ly/3c6UCFJ


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